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  • Federico Hernán García
  • Web Developer
  • Custom-made applications
  • XHTML + CSS + JavaScript
  • PHP + MySQL
  • Accessibility
  • Standards-compliant

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Developing in XHTML + CSS

XHTML and CSS are the best choices when developing a website: they can be used to store structured information and make it accessible at all times, without compromising interactivity, usability or graphics; all of which are very important to attract visitors. More >

Custom-made Applications

Because of the fast growth of the web and the appearance of more tools focused on its development, web applications have become a good way of organizing the information of your organization. More >


To increase the number of visitors to your website it's important to have a good positioning in the most important search engines. More >

Web Standards

While developing a website, it's important to conform to the standards proposed by the W3C so that it will be compatible with a broad number of browsers and electronic devices. More >


Conforming to accessibility standards we can develop a website accessible to every user, regardless of the platform their using or their disabilities. More >


When developing a website, different technologies are used to develop an application that fulfills your needs More >